Let’s hear it for the boys

by | Oct. 28, 2009

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I am a feminist. I used to be afraid to say that aloud for fear people would think I was that kind of feminist. But the truth is I am a feminist and I have known it since the day I called out my dad for not letting the Laurels go deep sea fishing when he was perfectly willing to take the Priests.

That said, some time ago in Relief Society the discussion went a little too far on a “we women do it better” tangent and I got all squirmy in my seat. I acknowledge that some of the stereotypes about men and women in the church may have some truth to them. I recognize, with sadness, that not every woman has had positive experiences at the hands of the priesthood holders in their lives. I realize I’ve been a bit spoiled: I grew up with a righteous father (who was, however, still a product of his time). I am married to a righteous priesthood holder who treats me as an equal. We have three sons whom we are trying to raise to be respectful of women. And one time my bishop actually made it a point to thank me for speaking my mind (which I admit I have done on more than one occasion). But whatever the reason, I feel I can still care deeply and speak out about women’s issues without wanting to go off on the good guys.

So while I’m not afraid to call it out when I hear a priesthood leader (not in my ward) say a sister shouldn’t be allowed to say the closing prayer or I see a sister who participated in a meeting overlooked when the person conducting says “thank you brethren” at the close of the meeting, I’m also not afraid to acknowledge some of the quiet and often thankless service I see being done by men and boys who try diligently to honor the priesthood that they bear and to serve in whatever capacity they are asked.

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