Letters from Uganda: Service and compassion change lives

As my husband, Larry, and I approached the gate to the Colline Hotel in Mukono, Uganda, armed guards used mirrors to check under the car for bombs before they let us drive onto the hotel grounds.

When we got to our modern hotel room, I walked over to the large window. My eyes met a two-story brick wall with heavy barbed wire along the top.

On the other side of the wall was a humble home. Outside the home, girls were doing daily chores, and women sitting on tree stumps were cooking on open fires. Nearby, children were playing with sticks and rocks or fetching water, and babies were sleeping on their mothers' backs or sitting in the dirt wearing only beaded necklaces.

As I stood at my third-story window, I felt as though I was watching an image from an old National Geographic magazine come to life. Here we were but a few feet apart, yet centuries of customs and financial circumstances divided us.

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