Letters from Uganda: Visiting the children and their schools

From Steven Ssenyonjo's van, my husband, Larry, and I could see little figures running along the side of the path leading to Brain Trust School in Uganda.

"They are coming! They are coming," the children shouted, announcing our arrival.

As we turned into the schoolyard, we heard singing and saw children dancing and clapping.

After we parked the van under a large tree, Larry, Steven and I stood in front of the 300 children who attend the first through sixth grades at Brain Trust School. As I looked out at them, I thought, "They are so happy to see us even though they don't have a clue who we are."

As if prompted, Steven, who was standing behind me, leaned forward and said, "Sister Barbara, these children know who you are. Ddumba and several of the other children you sponsor through the Child2Youth Foundation attend this school. Whenever you write to them, they make sure everyone hears your words and sees your picture."

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