Liberals and Conservatives

by | Sep. 28, 2009

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A recent article of Time magazine, “Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?” has brought to the surface a tension between liberal and conservative Latter-day Saints. The reason: Brother Beck is not only militantly conservative, he is also blatantly LDS.

Liberal Latter-day Saints are up in arms about the fact that Beck opposes President Obama’s signature policies: the stimulus, the federal takeover of General Motors, and “Universal Health Care.” What’s more, Beck takes issue with Obama’s supporters calling the opposition liars and racists. Beck has turned the tables on them, though, labelling their gratuitous use of the word, “racist” as racist, too.

Liberal Latter-day Saints want to run Brother Beck out of the Church for that, saying that his conduct is unacceptable. I can understand that, but what do they make of LDS Senator Harry Reid labelling President Bush a liar, a loser, and a war-monger? Should Bishop Reid be excommunicated as well, or is it wrong only if the target is liberal? I ask that question in reverse to conservatives who want Senator Reid excommunicated, but say “Amen!” to Glenn Beck: Isn’t Beck’s attack on President Obama VERY similar to Senator Reid’s?

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