Life-changing call — Lloyd Newell reflects on his 20 years with 'Music and the Spoken Word'

In 1990, when President Gordon B. Hinckley sat down with Lloyd D. Newell to extend the call to serve as announcer for "Music and The Spoken Word," "he told me, 'this call will change your life.' I didn't really get what that meant at the time," Newell says. But looking back from a perspective of 20 years, "I've realized that it has changed my life in all the meaningful ways I can think of."

Not only has Newell rubbed shoulders "with all the wonderful people associated with the broadcast, who are the kind that would walk over hot coals for you," and been able to travel the world, he has come to have a more thankful, more appreciative view of that world.

"Another thing President Hinckley told me was to make sure each 'Spoken Word' was an inspirational gem. That's what I've tried to do with all my heart and soul."

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