Living Prophets Lesson 4: Wilford Woodruff

by | Jun. 17, 2013



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Purpose: To help family members learn about the dedication required to be in the service of God as a missionary

Gospel Principles: Missionary work, faith, obedience

Scripture: D&C 4

Music: “Go Forth with Faith” (Hymns, no. 263), “I Want to Be a Missionary” (CS, 169)


Wilford Woodruff was one of the earliest missionaries for the Church, serving at least four different full-time missions. His first mission was to the southeastern United States. Although he had little funds or supplies and no companion, he willingly went and served the Lord. At the end of this mission he had journeyed more than 9,800 miles, most of it on foot. Wilford’s second mission was to the Fox Islands off the coast of Maine. While serving this mission, he learned he had been called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Shortly after that he was called, along with a number of the other apostles, to preach the gospel in Great Britain. Woodruff’s greatest missionary success stemmed from his work among the six hundred members of the United Brethren while in England. He wrote in his journal that they converted “all the United Brethren save one.” Because of these missionary efforts, many Church members trace their pioneer roots to Wilford Woodruff.


1. Print a copy of the pdf “Missionary Badges.” Have family members wear the badges during the lesson. Encourage them to prepare for serving missions by being member missionaries now.

2. Show family members a world map. Ask where they would most like to visit or serve a mission. Place markers on these locations, then place additional markers on the places where Wilford Woodruff served missions (should include: southeastern United States [1835–1836]; Farmington, Connecticut [1837]; Fox Islands, Maine [1837]; Great Britain [1839]; and the European Mission [1844], where he served as president).

Additional Resources:

1. “Harvest in Herefordshire” is an interesting Ensign article detailing missionary experiences of Wilford Woodruff.

2. The Friend has published a story about Wilford Woodruff’s Benbow Farm missionary experience.

Get the entire FHE lesson series on "Living Prophets."

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