Local Ward Healing after Texas Family Massacre

Stunned by the execution-style killings of six of its members - four of them minors - members of a north Houston Mormon congregation are struggling to begin the process of healing.

On Thursday, they sent helium-filled balloons heavenward in memory of Katie and Stephen Stay and their four slain children, ages 4 to 13. On Friday, they planned a trust fund to benefit the victims' relatives.

This weekend, part of the regular Sunday service at the Mormon church at 1633 Haver Street will be devoted to assuaging the congregation's grief by putting the Wednesday night tragedy into perspective.

"It won't be a memorial, it will be more to comfort and teach, to help people come to grips in the context of our faith in Jesus Christ," said David Bertoch, president of the Mormon ward of which the Haver Street church is a part.

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