Logan, UT is safest community in U.S. to raise a family

by | Sep. 27, 2010

Although most communities and states throughout the country have adopted the FBI's standard crime reporting systems, finding a community that is sufficiently safe for your family can still present problems because crimes come in so many types and circumstances.

Even categorizing crime into the groupings of violent crime and property crime can present some difficulties: Is burglary more serious than auto theft? Is aggravated assault worse than robbery?

Clearly, any crime is bad, but some types of crime seem be worse than others when choosing a place to raise a family. At Civicus Consulting Group, we took all the crime data available for each of the 361 Census Bureau-defined Metropolitan Statistical Areas and applied our own subjective weighting to each of these types of crime to come up with our own ratings and rankings.

Based on our work here are the 10 safest communities for you to raise your family:

1. Logan — Home to Utah State University, this once primarily agricultural community has rapidly developed into an education, high-tech, and manufacturing center of nearly 125,000 residents. With a violent crime rate of one-sixth the national rate-and property crime rates less than one-half the national average, Logan is the safest of the metropolitan areas in our study.

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