Lost LDS Sermons Deciphered, Unlocked by Utah Woman

by | Nov. 27, 2013

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For the first time in 150 years an LDS history librarian is unlocking the vault of hundreds of lost sermons by early church leaders.

The sermons were written in a form of shorthand that no one could translate, that is until now.

LaJaen Purcell Carruth says her talent of being able to decipher the shorthand is 30 years in the making.

"I know of no one with my depth of ability," said Carruth to 2News Dan Rascon. "What I am doing makes documents accessible that no one has read for 150 years...I'm bringing them to life. I'm bringing the people to life. We can see what they really were, how they acted what they did. Heber C. Kimball got up one day and said excuse me if I don't talk right I forgot my teeth."

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