Love Lessons from the Prophets & Their Wives

Because Latter-day Saints believe marriage is an essential step to exaltation, we strive to create marriages that strengthen and uplift us every moment, not only here but through eternity, something that’s much easier said than done. As with all things worthwhile, marriage and love are hard, stressful, and take lots of work. But, they are entirely worth investing in.  

Fortunately, we do not have to struggle through the journey alone. We can learn from the lives and wisdom of the wonderful leaders of the Church who have experienced and still experience many of the ups, downs, and unexpected turns of marriage.

So for this Valentine’s Day, here are a few lessons about love and marriage from the lives of our beloved apostles and their wives.

  1. Make the Tough, Small Decisions (President Monson)
  2. Continue Dating (President Eyring)
  3. Make Your Spouse the Person of Your Dreams (President Hinckley)
  4. Don't Rush Romance or Timing (Elder and Sister Holland)
  5. Get On the Good Side of Your In-Laws (President Uchtdorf)
  6. Encourage, Don't Whine (Sister Hinckley)
  7. Don't Let Money Distract from What Matters (Sister Oaks)
  8. Remind Your Spouse Often You Love Them (Elder Scott)
  9. Be Persistent and Consistent (Elder Ballard)
  10. Focus On the Good (Sister Uchtdorf)
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