Love Lessons from the Prophets & Their Wives

Encourage, Don't Whine

Marriage Tips from Apostles Even while you are busy focusing on your kids, your job, your calling, your education, your bills, and everything else, make sure you spend enough time to focus on your spouse. In addition, as Marjorie Hinckley reminds us, we should make sure the time we do spend together is delightful and not another source of stress.

“I know it is hard for you young mothers to believe that almost before you can turn around the children will be gone and you will be alone with your husband. You had better be sure you are developing the kind of love and friendship that will be delightful and enduring. Let the children learn from your attitude that he is important. Encourage him. Be kind. It is a rough world, and he, like everyone else, is fighting to survive. Be cheerful. Don't be a whiner” (Marjorie Pay Hinckley, Small and Simple Things).

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