Loyd Jr. leaves BYU; Is the cougs' recruiting pool shrinking?

While most conversations about Brigham Young hoops generally start with Jimmer Fredette, one of the interesting ancillary characters in the Cougs' cast was Michael Loyd Jr. After playing in 2007-08 and redshirting the 2008-09 season, Lloyd played a relatively steady sophomore season, but came on late in the year. He had 19 points in a narrow loss to New Mexico when Fredette couldn't play in the second half of a critical game. He had 18 points in next game against Utah and most importantly, he put up 26 points in BYU's tourney win against Florida.

That's great momentum to carry into Loyd Jr.'s junior season at BYU, right? Nope. He's leaving the program. The Salt Lake Tribune provides some of the potential reasons why an up-and-comer like Loyd Jr. would leave (and also what reasons have been ruled out):

-- Lack of playing time, assuming Fredette doesn't stay in the NBA draft, could've been a factor. Next year's backcourt is loaded.
-- Unlike star football player Harvey Unga, Loyd Jr. was not booted because of BYU's honor code.
-- Loyd Jr. did not flunk out academically.

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