MLB Star Bryce Harper Announces Social Media Fast to 1.4 Million Followers

Thanks to the Deseret News for making us aware of this story.

This year has been interesting for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. First, there was the 7-day exodus in June many Latter-day Saints made from social media as they followed President Russell M. Nelson's challenge to the youth. And then there was another exodus after President Nelson's challenge in October to the women of the Church to take a 10-day social media fast. 

After these two challenges, many members of the Church have evaluated the use of social media in their lives, including Latter-day Saint Bryce Harper.

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Harper, an MLB star and one of the two most sought-after free agents in professional baseball, announced on Instagram Tuesday that he was taking a 7-day break from social media. 

"Social Media fast starts now," Harper shared. "Swipe up in my story or go to my link in my bio! Join me on #teamnoscroll for the next 7 days or whatever you are feeling to really open your eyes to everything else around you!👀"



Though some were disappointed that Harper didn't announce which team he was planning on signing with next season, Harper's announcement was met with encouragement and praise from some of his followers. 

"Love this and admire you ❤️ I quit Facebook a month ago and it feels great!! Thanks for always being such a good example for my young baseball boys... you are an amazing athlete and man!"

"I took the 10 day challenge and felt great after. Good for you on following the prophet! See you when you get back!"

"Thank you for being a spectacular example of good to those who are watching you. My social media fast was amazing. I’m so grateful for the counsel of our prophet. Good luck!"

Lead image from Bryce Harper's Instagram page

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