Making Family Scripture Study Fun

One of the things I love about being a mom is teaching my children from and about the scriptures. We have done some sort of daily scripture study as a family for years now. Of course, there have been frustrations and times when it felt like it wasn’t working. But it has been worth the effort.

One of the things that has amazed me is how much children really can understand when they are young. At first, we used picture scripture story books published by the Church. We also used the movies that went along with the books. But early on, we also felt that it was important to give our children experience directly with the scriptures themselves. I can’t remember who helped us make the connection between the ability of children to learn different languages when they are young and learning scripture language, but that was a significant a-ha moment for us. It’s been wonderful to see how my children are much more comfortable with the scriptures than I ever was, as a child and maybe even as a teenager.

But much of the time, we don’t just read straight through. I have found that even for me it’s all too easy to “zone out” when someone else is reading out loud. So we use a variety of methods to try to make scripture study interesting and fun.

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