Making Memorable 'Come, Follow Me' Youth Lessons

by | Mar. 24, 2014

Lesson Helps

One of the few debatable challenges with the youth Sunday School lessons based on the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum is the fact that they're so memorable.

Last year’s lessons seem like they happened yesterday.

So, it has been somewhat of an undertaking for second-year teachers, like me, to study “Come, Follow Me” options and discover the same degree of freshness found last spring. As a result, I’ve chosen to make modifications for two weeks in a row.

The materials I used in Atonement-themed lessons last March were presented by my students with soul-searing, testimony-building impact. Last Sunday, instead of only re-sharing the impressive life experiences found in suggested general conference addresses, we themed our Sunday School hour as “The Atonement in the News.”

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