Making a Difference: Modesty Gives Back

by | Oct. 30, 2009

LDS Life

For Trish Wilhite, the founder of ModBe Clothing, her clothing designs are about more than fashion - they're about empowering women through modesty. That's why when her company decided to help their community, the Center for Women and Children in Crisis seemed like a natural pick.

ModBe's charity event took place at Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo, Utah, with a goal to help provide the women's shelter with much-needed clothing. The event included a fashion show featuring the company's new line of modest denim and swimwear, as well as a raffle give-away that included clothing discounts, a $250 shopping spree, and other prizes provided by companies that donated to the event. As exciting as these were, ModBe's main purpose was to draw attention to the focus of the event - the opportunity for those attending to donate old clothing to the Provo women's shelter.

Karyn Beeston, sales and marketing coordinator at ModBe, says that for every item donated at this event, ModBe matched it with brand-new clothing from their own company. The old clothing was donated to Deseret Industries, and the new clothing went to the women's shelter. Beeston believes giving is "a corporate responsibility."

"We wanted to help women have modest clothing and be able to go out and get work and create a better life for themselves," adds Wilhite. "We know that when we help them, we help the family."

While ModBe operates nationwide, they felt the best place to start serving others was right in their own neighborhood. Wilhite hopes starting at home will inspire others across the nation to help their own communities as well.

"When you give, you feel good, and when you feel good, you enjoy doing what you're doing," she says. "It always comes back to you."

Wilhite applies this philosophy to every aspect of her company. Not only does she try and give back to the community, but everyday she tries to serve her customers and her employees. A circle of service is created, as everyone tries to benefit those around them in everything they do. Wilhite believes this creates a system of camaraderie rather than competition in the company and is the secret to their success.

As far as future charity events, Wilhite says there are definitely more to come. ModBe will continue to move forward with their goal of empowering women. As they see it, when women look better, they feel better and are able to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

"I invite other companies to help us with this movement," Wilhite says. "It's a good thing that we're going to continue doing."

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