Male Chastity

Most of the lessons posted on Keepa, when not meant for a mixed Sunday School class, have been lessons directed at women – I haven’t yet figured out why it is so difficult to find lessons aimed at men, whether it’s because they just weren’t written and published as often as women’s lessons, or whether it’s some peculiarity in what has been put on the library shelf instead of in the less accessible depths of the library.

In any case, I’ve run across a 1940 quorum manual for what used to be called Adult Aaronic, the group of men who fell into inactivity in their youth but who, as adults, had resumed contact with the church and were being prepared for the Melchizedek Priesthood and for full participation in the church. (Do they still have such a group under some other name, or do such men associate with the Elders’ Quorum and get their catch-up lessons in Sunday School’s Gospel Essentials class?)

Here’s a lesson from that manual, directed to adults who presumably are in the class not because of coercion from parents or the habit of the regular churchgoer, but because they are actively and anxiously seeking to become fully Mormon men.

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