Man cited in sacrament meeting for his roaming goats

by | Sep. 09, 2010

Everything Else

Gratton Hall says local police got his goat.

But police say they just want Hall to do a better job corralling his more than a dozen farm animals, and they're not kidding.

In June, Hall, 82, was issued a citation for having animals "at large." He was then given a ticket — publicly — while conducting an LDS sacrament meeting.

"I don't appreciate the way (police) handled it. I don't appreciate them coming into a religious service with a warrant," he said. "There's a time and a place for everything, and that was not the time or the place."

Police, however, say if they had known a church service was going on, they would have waited.

"Of course if we'd known that, we certainly wouldn't have done that. We had no intention of doing that," said Fairview Police Chief Bingham Robert. "I feel he's blown it out of proportion."

In June, the small central Utah town of Fairview had only a part-time police force. They typically used the weekends to serve outstanding citations for infractions and misdemeanor warrants.

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