Man on a mission: Australia newspaper features rugby star missionary

Perhaps if William Hopoate dressed in one of his old rugby league jerseys – and not a crisp, white, short-sleeved shirt, distinctive black name tag and tie – the man who responded with such unbridled hostility towards him after he offered a polite "hello" at the local shopping centre might have stopped to shake his hand and talk.

Instead, the thick-set bruiser glared at the clean-cut teenager and cursed under his breath as he marched past with his chest puffed out. Moments later another local nodded timidly as Elder Hopoate, Mormon missionary, asked how his day was going; an Asian woman panicked and indicated via frantic hand signals that she couldn't speak English when Hopoate and his missionary companion, Elder Paia'aua, approached her.

“It happens a bit,” Hopoate said.

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