March Sharing Time: Jesus Christ Loves Me

by | Feb. 23, 2005


This sharing time will help the children understand Jesus Christ's life and mission on earth and his love for us.

Obtain the following pictures: The Birth of Jesus (Gospel Art Kit 200), Calling of the Fishermen (GAK 209), Stilling the Storm (GAK 214), Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet (GAK 226), Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (GAK 227), Mary and the Resurrected Lord (GAK 233).

Familiarize yourself with the stories on the back of each picture.

Cut a large sheet of poster paper into a heart shape. Write "Jesus Christ Loves Me" on the heart. Cut it into six puzzle pieces. Attach one piece to the back of each picture. Place the pictures around the room.

Ask a child to pick a picture. Have them show it to the group. Ask them to relate the story or describe the picture as best they can. Fill in as needed to help the children understand the story. You may want to make sure these points are included:

  1. Jesus Christ came to earth as a little baby. Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ to earth because he loves us.
  2. Christ organized his church with apostles, just as we have apostles today.
  3. Jesus received the power to calm the wind and the sea from Heavenly Father.
  4. Jesus washed his disciples feet as an example for them. He served them, and they should serve others.
  5. Jesus suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and gave his life for us on the cross.
  6. After Jesus had died he was resurrected. Because he lived again, we will too.
After each story is told, post the pictures around the sides of the board. Have the child post the puzzle piece in the center of the board to form the heart. After all the pieces have been posted, read the message. Tell them how much Jesus Christ loves them. Explain how he wanted to come to earth to give us an example and to give us a way to return to Heavenly Father. Help them understand that Heavenly Father also loves us, and that is why he sent Jesus to earth. Read or have a child read John 3:16.

Between pictures, sing songs to reinforce the concepts taught, such as: "I Believe in Christ," Hymns, 134; "Love One Another," Children's Songbook, 136; "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," CS, 78; and "He Sent His Son," CS, 34.

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