Marriage boosts economic stability in U.S., families

by | Jun. 15, 2011

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Marriage may be slightly less popular than in the past, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, but according to a recent study synthesis, "Marriage and economic well-being," it is a boon financially..

The study found that only 5.8 percent of married families lived below the poverty line in 2009. The number of impoverished households more than doubled among single-male households to 16.9 percent, and was more than five times higher for single-female households at 29.9 percent. Further, "intact" families were less likely to have participated in food stamp programs than cohabitating or single individuals, according to the study by the Marriage & Regligion Research Institute, which prefaced its executive summary of the results by saying "the economic well-being of the United States is strongly related to marriage."

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