Master M Men and Golden Gleaners

Kevin Barney posted recently about reading his father’s 1953 journal, a record his father kept to fulfill requirements for becoming a “Master M Man.” Since this program disappeared a generation ago, probably many bloggernaclers are unfamiliar with it.

The Mutual (Mutual Improvement Association, or MIA) used to be the social and recreational arm of the church, for adults as well as for the teens currently served by the Young Men/Young Women program. You became an M Man (or a Gleaner, for girls) when you turned 18, or graduated from high school, or (in the event you weren’t able to graduate) your age peers reached that milestone, and you remained an M Man/Gleaner until you were 30 – unless you married, at which point you and your spouse joined the Young Marrieds (which followed much of the M Man/Gleaner program, but with additional family, relationship, and child care features).

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