May 2010 Sharing Time: Learning About Principles and Ordinances

by | Apr. 20, 2010

Lesson Helps

This sharing time will engage the children in an activity about the first principles and ordinances of the gospel.

Preparation: Create a game cube by cutting out six 5-inch squares of colored card stock (two green, one yellow, two blue, and one white). Tape the edges of the cards together to make a cube.

Get full size sheets of paper in the same colors as the game cube. Write the scripture references or songs (see below) on one side, or attach the suggested pictures. Place these sheets face down on a table or on the floor at the front of the room.

Green: Faith Helaman 5:47 Doctrine and Covenants 8:10

"Faith," Children's Songbook, 96 "Nephi's Courage," Children's Songbook, 120 "I Pray in Faith," Children's Songbook, 14

Gospel Art Kit #203 - The Wise Men Gospel Art Kit #403 - The First Vision Gospel Art Kit #313 - Two Thousand Young Warriors

Yellow: Repentance Helaman 12:23 Ephesians 4:32

"Help Me, Dear Father," Children's Songbook, 99

Gospel Art Kit #109 - Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers

Blue: Baptism 3 Nephi 11:26-27 Mark 16:16 John 3:5

"Baptism," Children's Songbook, 100 "When I Am Baptized," Children's Songbook, 103 "I Like My Birthdays," Children's Songbook, 104

Gospel Art Kit #601 - Baptism Gospel Art Kit #309 - Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon

White: Holy Ghost John 14:26

"The Holy Ghost," Children's Songbook, 105 "Listen, Listen," Children's Songbook, 107

Gospel Art Kit #602 - The Gift of the Holy Ghost

Presentation: Remind the children that the fourth article of faith teaches us the first principles and ordinances of the gospel. Today they are going to learn more about these principles and ordinances.

Tell them they are going to play a game. Show them the game cube. Tell them that green represents faith, yellow represents repentance, blue represents baptism, and white represents the Holy Ghost.

Have children take turns rolling the game cube. After the child rolls a color have them select one of the sheets of that color from the table or floor. If it is a scripture help the child read it, if it is a song have all the children sing it, if it is a picture post it on the board. Briefly discuss the scripture, song, or picture and help the children understand more about the principle or ordinance.

Continue playing until all the sheets are used or time is up. If a child rolls a color that is gone, have them roll again.

Bear testimony that our Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for us. The principles and ordinances of the gospel help us follow that plan so that we can live with Him.

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