Meet One of the World's 12 Master Penmen--Who Finds God & Faith in Art

MR says: There are only 12 living Master Penmen in the world--and one of them has realized that an "artist’s pallet is similar to God’s."

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Artist Jake Weidmann of Colorado is more than a guy with nifty handwriting. According to the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting, he’s one of just 12 living Master Penmen in the world.

What makes Weidmann interesting, however, isn’t just his prowess with the pen — it’s his belief in the creator and creativity. Though all of us can’t spark inspiration by ink, Weidmann believes we’re all eternally wired to create. Because even if it’s not in the blood, it’s in our spiritual DNA.

Weidmann’s journey to the pinnacle of penmanship began in flames. Returning home from elementary school one day, the first-grader and his mother discovered their home ablaze. The family was safe, but their house was badly damaged and many of their possessions destroyed.

Image from Jason F. Wright.

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