Meet an 80-year-old Young Men president

Brother John Cutt is the new Young Men president of the Concord 1st Ward in the Concord California Stake. He is a mere 80 years old.

It came as sort of a shock when his bishop issued this calling, but Brother Cutt optimistically accepted it. He feels it's important to remain active in his ward, even as he gets older. Brother Cutt remembers President Dieter F. Uchtdorf saying in his October general conference talk that members shouldn't stop serving in callings as they get older.

"President Uchtdorf made a comment that you don't just retire from the Church," Brother Cutt said. "So I met with my bishop a couple days later and said, 'I'm ready for another assignment.'"

Before he and his wife, Thalia Cutt, moved to California from New York in 1959, the couple visited the Hill Cumorah out of curiosity and when they moved to California, they met some people who were really interested them in the Church.

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