Meeting Men On A Mission

In the hit movie "Blues Brothers," Jake and Elwood Blues repeatedly try to explain to club owners, musicians, and anybody else who will listen, that they are "on a mission from God."

Wearing dark suits that include white shirts and black neckties, nobody takes them seriously as they are ridiculed, hunted, chased, and even shot at by a crazy woman with a rocket launcher.

In Mesquite, you will find similarly dressed men, complete with white shirts and black ties, also "on a mission from God."

Or more accurately, on a mission for God.

And while bazookas haven't been involved, they often endure the same kind of ridicule and harassment that Jake and Elwood suffered.

The difference is that Jake and Elwood preach the gospel of the blues, while the local Men-In-Black-Ties preach the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

To those of the faith, they're known as "the Elders."

To the rest of the world, they're referred to as "the missionaries."

Traditionally, the term "missionary" often elicits visions of bible-thumping Americans schlepping across the African continent to spread the Word.

So why would LDS missionaries be riding their bicycles all over Mesquite, a community which was originally founded by Mormons, and until the 1980's, consisted almost exclusively of LDS brethren?

Simply stated: to help.

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