Meridian readers share personal experiences of prophets

I Have Always Followed That Same Pattern

I was given the immense and humble privilege of giving my precious uncle a priesthood blessing with President Thomas S. Monson. He asked if I would like to anoint and he handed me his vial of oil; even though I had oil with me. I used his. After the anointing President Monson placed his hands on my uncle’s head. I then placed my hands on his. I shall never forget the words at the beginning of the blessing, “We seal this anointing that you have just received from a servant of the Lord…” That reference was to me! It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life to be called a servant of the Lord by THIS servant of the Lord. In all the priesthood blessings I have given since that one, so many years ago, I have always followed that same pattern of referring to the person who anointed as “a servant of the Lord.”

Tabernacle Filled with Warmth

I was a new member of the church, just 2 years worth, when I went to BYU in 1963. I got to attend October Conference that fall and it was a cold wintry day. We got to the Tabernacle early and sat all huddled up. President McKay walked into the Tabernacle, waved at every one, and the whole place filled with warmth. You could feel a very strong spirit of the Lord there. I had a testimony of the church and about Prophets but at that moment it was confirmed very strongly. President McKay was the first one, and thanks to regional conferences where the Prophets came out to visit us, we were able to be with several more. My kids still remember the trips or visits and it strengthened their testimonies as well. I wish every one could actually be there during a conference, in person.

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