Michelle King: Helping the leprosy-affected in India, on 'Mormon Times TV'

Sometimes we focus on work and career solely because we know we’ll get paid. After all, a job puts food on the table and helps us provide for our families. But it’s frequently looked at as something we have to do. What a bonus, though, if we love what we do and actually look forward to going to work every day. And if we really have a passion for our jobs — and helping others — we might even be willing to donate our time with no thought of monetary reward.

That’s the case with Dr. Scott McGavin, a local dentist and humanitarian who travels to India to help the leprosy-affected and their children. This Sunday, on the March 18 installment of "Mormon Times TV," you’ll get a firsthand look at the lives and faces he and his colleagues are changing, one smile at a time. It’s love of fellowman and true charity at their finest.

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