Milk before meat

Milk before meat.

I've been hearing that "admonition of Paul" for so many years, I feel like the master of the obvious every time I repeat it.

Of course you give a baby milk, not filet mignon. Only a fool would do otherwise.

Well, today's world is apparently a world filled with fools.

When I read Facebook and see the intimate details people post about themselves, I almost blush. There used to be a gradual deepening of intimacy. You met someone, had some polite conversations. Then, as you got to trust and feel more comfortable with them, you would mention more personal things.

Milk before meat.

Romance was ever more cautious than that. Holding hands led to a hug, which led to a kiss. People learned about sex over years.

Now nobody bothers to "ease into knowledge." It's all there on the Internet from the git-go.

Milk before meat has become, "Where's the beef?"

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