Minerva Teichert model 'Queen Esther' speaks

Betty Curtis Stokes, at 92 years of age, exudes grace and nobility as she stands in front of a large portrait of Queen Esther hanging in her dining room. There's a striking resemblance to the biblical heroine in the painting hanging on the wall and for good reason. Growing up in Cokeville, Wyo., Betty Curtis and her family lived a few doors down from Minerva Teichert, a well-known Latter-day Saint artist. Sister Teichert would often use people from her community as models for her paintings. In 1939 at age 19, Betty Curtis was the model for Minerva Teichert's "Queen Esther."

Sister Stokes first met Minerva Teichert and her husband, Herman, when her family moved to Cokeville, during The Great Depression. "My father was a sheep rancher near Cokeville," said Sister Stokes. "My dad lost the ranch during the Depression, so we moved into town onto the same street as the Teicherts."

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