Miracle birth at the Tonga Temple

On Wednesday Jan 6, 2010 a baby boy was born in the LDS (Mormon) Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple. The circumstances surrounding this unusual occurance were nothing short of miraculous. Mormon Soprano has received permission from all parties involved to share the story with you, as told by Sister Frederika ten Hoopen (“Sister Teni”), serving as a single LDS Senior Missionary in Tonga:


“I went to the [Tonga] Temple last night. I had taken my watch off at home (something the brethern have asked us to do), so I ended up leaving 20 minutes earlier than usual, and arrived early, [about 6:30 PM] at the temple planning to attend the 7:00 PM session. As I was entering, the brothers at the desk said they needed a nurse urgently, and asked me to go into the waiting room!

“What I did not know at the time of my arrival is that the phones and internet had gone down at the temple, and no one could call out. The Acting [Temple] President had tried to find me, but no one knew where I was, as I am now working as a proseletyzing missionary. He began to fervently pray for me to come to the 7:00 temple session, and had just completed his prayer when I walked in the door.

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