Mission President in Houston Shares How He's Seen Christ's Light, Missionaries Serving 10,000 Evacuees

by | Aug. 30, 2017

Mormon Life

Aaron Hall, president of Texas Houston South Mission, recently posted an update on Facebook, sharing how missionaries are serving others during the fallout of Hurricane Harvey.

"For those serving in downtown Houston, and where roads are clear safe, they had the opportunity to serve at the George R. Brown Convention Center where there are currently 10,000 evacuees. The city has a great need for volunteers and the missionaries are so excited to be part of the early relief efforts," he writes.

For missionaries in other areas of Houston, President Hall says they "are having the opportunity to see first hand the devastation and are equally anxious to help," but that missionary safety is top priority.

Then, President Hall shared a powerful message about finding the Savior's life, even in the midst of destruction and suffering:

"A beautiful tender mercy today as the storm moves on... At 5:30 the sun beamed brightly through the clouds after five days of rain and gloom. In that moment it was as if heaven itself was shining down on us (I took the attached picture to remember the moment). It was odd to think that just a week earlier the nation was captivated by a total solar eclipse and the darkening of the day. I have never been more grateful to see the sun as I was today and it lifted our souls. So it is true with the Son God. He will brighten our souls on any darkened day as we look to Him in faith.
"Thanks for your continued faith and prayers, much work ahead, we can't wait to bless and serve."
Lead image from Facebook 
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