Missionaries' apartment goes up in flames

These two missionaries, Elder Kelly and Elder Carroll are burned out ... literally. They called us New Years Day in the early morning saying their apartment was on fire. They went to the church and waited for us to arrive. We found them in sweats, dress shoes with no socks, t-shirts, and Elder Kelly wearing a coat a kind neighbor gave him (it was 18 degrees) and Elder Carroll wearing a thin sweatshirt. That 's it ... EVERYTHING was left in their apartment --- wallets, scriptures, cameras, suits, ties, and all of those precious Christmas gifts so recently opened --- all lost, but THEY were safe.

They had woken up that morning to the smell of smoke. They looked out the window and saw it was coming from their 3-unit apartment building. They left immediately. It was good they did. The fire spread instantly to their unit. This picture was taken the following day. President Doll and I spent the better part of New Years out-fitting them with the essentials, and they were indeed ready to look like missionaries (minus name-tags) for Sunday meetings. We are grateful for New Years Day sales!
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