Missionary moments: 'They are happier'

The Hernandez family was one of the many miracles I witnessed in the Mexico City North Mission. My companion, Elder David Rubio, and I had recently arrived in the mission field. We had seen some good results, but felt there was more we could do. We realized we were far short of our contacting goals and committed to make at least 15 additional contacts before lunch each day.

We had many appointments the following day. Most were not home or didn't answer the door. When we couldn't find one particular address, we decided to knock on doors in the area. At one home, Elder Rubio recognized a woman he had spoken with the day before. Her name was Laura. She seemed busy, and though no one else in her family was interested, she invited us in.

We returned the next day. Again Laura invited us in. We spoke of the plan of salvation. She became much more interested and began asking questions. She was excited about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. We returned the next day to find others in the family interested. They began reading and praying. They attended church that Sunday and loved it. Laura told us she knew in her heart without a doubt that she had found the restored Church of Jesus Christ.

She was baptized the next week, along with her children, Ana, Eduardo and Oskar. Her husband, Cesar, was very happy with their decision to be baptized, but refused baptism for himself, though he continued to attend Sunday meetings.

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