Mixing It Marvelous

by | Sep. 06, 2010

If you are like me, you have gallons of water stored for your family. But, if your family is like mine, you'll realize quickly that they won't want to drink just plain water all the time. Well, they won't have to, because there are so many different powdered drink mixes available to help transform your water storage into a myriad of beverage possibilities!

We've already discussed powdered milk, since milk is such an important part of our diet and is also essential for many recipes. Milk is a wonderful nutrient-rich beverage and a mainstay of many family's diets. But milk-like drinks are available for lactose intolerant families, too, such as Creamy Select Drink Mixes. Creamy Select comes in three delicious flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and banana. All are dairy based, yet lactose free!

If you are interested in more than milk, you'll find that there are several delicious, fortified drink mixes available. Each serving packs a full day's worth of vitamin C! Imagine mixing up a pitcher of crisp flavored apple drink. Or maybe you're envisioning a morning with a tall class of orange drink mix? There's also sweet and smooth peach drink mix to tickle those taste buds!

With the cold weather just around the corner, you might be looking forward to a warm mug of hot chocolate. Provident Pantry's Gourmet Creamy Hot Chocolate mix is smooth, delicious and made with real cocoa. There is even Gourmet Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate available, which can add a holiday twist to a winter favorite. Aren't you ready for a mug right now?

These mixes are wonderful at any time, but there are a few reasons why they are particularly great for food storage. First, they add variety storage. Like I mentioned before, my family would get pretty sick of drinking just plain water every day! Also, if you need to use your emergency-stored water, you might find it to taste a little flat or stale. Grab a mixer pitcher, mix up your water and one of these delicious powders, and your family will is likely to be more than content with the results!

Purification tablets, needed to ensure water purity in an emergency, might also add an odd flavor. This may require some extra flavor to mask the aftertaste.

Last of all, these mixes also add extra calories and nutrients to your family's diet. So don't hesitate to add a few of these items to your food storage pantry. Enjoy mixing it marvelous!

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