Mongolians are becoming master gardeners

Because of Mongolia's traditional nomadic lifestyle and harsh climate, including frigid sub-zero temperatures during the winter and a short growing season, one might think gardening in Mongolia would be impossible. However, for the past two years, Deseret International Charities has partnered with all of the wards and branches in Mongolia to provide seeds, tools, gardening manuals and training to members of the Church in their local units. More than 400 LDS families throughout Mongolia are participating in the garden project.

Brother Galmandakh from Darkhan 1st Branch (Mongolians usually use only one name) joined the Church eight years ago. Before the garden project, he and his wife, Sister Oyuntsetseg, had just a small garden and some fruit bushes. Now they have a huge garden that covers almost all of the ground in their large yard. From a shallow well they pump water to a variety of fruits and vegetables. About Brother Galmandakh's garden, one visitor said, "It reminds me of the Garden of Eden." Sister Oyuntsetseg believes that next year she could teach other people how to garden. She said because of their garden, they were healthier this year and not sick as much during the winter.

This summer was Adiyasuren's second year of gardening. She is a widow in Selenge Branch who lives in Sukhbaatar village and has three daughters. Even though Adiyasuren is not a member of the Church, one of her daughters Delger Murun is a recently returned missionary.

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