More on parents’ ‘nothingness’

One of the great things about weekly columns is the almost instant feedback that we writers get and the opportunity it gives us to stay with a topic that seems to be generating unusual interest. Last week, this column was on the remarkable promises that King Benjamin made to parents who could remember their own “nothingness.” We have received so much response to and interest in that subject that we want to continue it for a couple of weeks.

Part of what makes the concept so interesting is its counterintuitive nature. Instead of the prevailing proactive, independent, do-it-yourself attitude, the "nothingness" notion is that we don’t really become something until we think of ourselves as nothing. God can’t truly use us and make us his own until we develop the deep humility that comes from understanding how completely insignificant we are. It is the great and divine paradox that we are less before we can become more. Jesus said, "He who would find his life must lose it.”

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