Mormon Battalion Historic Site a must-see

The recently rebuilt and dedicated Mormon Battalion Historic Site is a real crowd pleaser with an innovative mix of media, history and interactivity.

General authorities dedicated the site, rebuilt using an Old Spanish architecture theme, on March 26. The LDS Church News reported about the dedication. An earlier news release noted the opening in February.

On Easter afternoon, several families were part of a post-General Conference visit where they not just were told the history of the battalion but witnessed it a more hands-on way. Youths in the group said they enjoyed the visit because the renovated visitor center places them "inside the story."

"I thought it was cool how you got to be involved with the story," said one girl.

For those who have visited the site in the past, it is time to visit again. This is not just a remodeling of a building, but a foundation-to-tower rethinking of the experience. (Yes, there is a tower where you can view surrounding Old Town San Diego through binoculars assisted by helpful guide maps.) Admittedly, the previous center's focus was fairly static, but the new design teaches on several levels.

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