Mormon Family Profiled in New York Press, 1884

On 29 February 1884, an article in the New York Daily Graphic profiled the family of Hiram Bradley Clawson (1826-1912). Clawson and his mother were converted to the Church in 1838, moving to Nauvoo in 1841 and to the Salt Lake Valley in 1848. He became a merchant, an actor, manager of the Salt Lake Theater, business manager to Brigham Young, and long-time bishop. He married four times: to Alice and Emily Young (daughters of Brigham Young), to Ellen Curtis Spencer (daughter of early Church leader Orson Spencer), and to Margaret Judd (whose son Rudger Clawson became an apostle). Altogether, there were a reported 42 children in the family (although I have only 33 in my records).

Typical Mormon Family

The portraits of a Mormon family presented in this number of the Graphic are those of one of the best known and most remarkable polygamous householders in Utah, and perhaps in the world. H.B. Clawson, the husband and father of this family, is of Scandinavian descent, and was one of the early settlers of Utah. he has always been engaged in mercantile pursuits, having been at various times the superintendent of the Mormon co-operative stores, and engaged, as at present, in business for himself. He was always a trusted friend and agent of Brigham Young in matters of business, and has ever been esteemed for his upright character by all classes of the community of Salt Lake, both Mormon and Gentile.

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