Mormon Men’s Thoughts on Relief Society

I’m not a Mormon woman, but I am thankful for Relief Society.

Last year in class for Elder’s Quorum [a local congregational priesthood group for LDS men], we had a lesson on the organization of the Relief Society and the instructor asked how has the Relief Society blessed the lives of men as well as women. Many men raised their hands to express gratitude for the women’s organization of the church. One man raised his hand and was so thankful that there was a place that his wife could attend and feel valued for her contribution to society as a mother. Another man recalled when meals were brought into his home by the Relief Society when his wife just returned home from having a baby. My friend also raised his hand and reminded us of the time the members of the Relief Society came in and watched his children, cleaned his home, and provided for all meals for several days as he rushed his wife to the hospital for emergency treatment. When he tried to explain to his co-workers about the service rendered to his family in this critical time of need, they were astounded that such an organization existed to give aid with such efficiency.

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