Mormon Migration Database: Blacks and Mormonism

Dr. Fred E. Woods at BYU has recently made available an online database of migration primary sources. This project compliments work done by the LDS church on overland trail sources. Work like this allows for extremely precise surveys of lived Mormonism by groups that often fall beneath the radar of history. As an example of the excellent material now available, I present some of the sources relating to immigrating Mormons and people with black-African ancestry. Coming from Northern Europe, many of these immigrants had never seen black people before.

On February 28, 1853 the International sailed from Liverpool to New Orleans. This group had several interactions with black people. Christopher Arthur was in charge of the company and kept the official journal:

8 Friday. Wind from south, southwest course of ship west, very hot. About 25 Saints rebaptized for their health [1]. Testimony of several that they were better in health. Mary Ann Arthur baptized and a Negro.
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