Mormon Parenting: The message we want to share with all parents

We have been around the world four times in the last half-decade, speaking to parents in countless locations, and everywhere we go, we find that parents from other cultures have much to teach us.

In some cultures, parents are much more patient than we are. In other parts of the world, grandparents are much more involved, and age is venerated rather than despised. And in many less-developed countries, kids are not nearly as entitled or spoiled as the children we are used to here in our own materialistic society.

But along with learning from them, there are things we desperately want to teach the parents of the world, things we almost ache to tell them, and all of the things come directly from the family insights of the Restoration. We long to give them what our culture and our church give us. We wish to just look them in the eye and tell them some awesome things about their own children:

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