Mormon RMs with Discovery Channel Show Help in Houston in Most Unique Way: Radical Off-Road Vehicles

by | Aug. 30, 2017

Mormon Life

If you were part of a Discovery Channel show called Diesel Brothers, you probably know a thing or two about off-road vehicles. Well, returned missionaries David Sparks and David Kiley used their knowledge to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey in a unique way, by taking their radical vehicles like a rock crawler with super-sized wheels, a helicopter, a Finnish tank, and a boat to Houston to help with relief efforts along with other supplies.

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An automotive shop known for custom modifications of diesel engines is sending truckloads of help to Texas.

Diesel Sellerz is the home of Diesel Brothers, a TV show on the Discovery Channel that showcases custom vehicle builds done by the company. Tuesday, it gathered a lot of goods and put together an unmatched convoy of rescue vehicles for the road.

"We just want to get down there and do all we can for them," said Hans Peterson, a marketing manager at Diesel Sellerz.

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