Mormon Scoutmaster serves Methodist congregation for 20-plus years

Like plaid shorts with black socks, there was just something funny about the proposed combination: a Mormon branch president as Scout leader for a Methodist congregation.

The suggested mishmash made neckties and radiator fans look like a harmless duo.

But that was the situation in Roxboro, N.C., years ago.

The issue may never have elevated to storm status, but the idea of a Mormon "minister" mentoring to their impressionable Methodist youths certainly spun into a whirlwind before the Wesleyan church's leading council.

After a "hot discussion" about peoples' reluctance to the seemingly bird-and-fish scenario, one of his childhood schoolteachers spoke up. She gave the candidate in question, Tony Bowes, a glowing recommendation.

"She then asked all of the men who were present which one of them was going to be Scoutmaster as they were so set against Tony," said Tony Bowes' wife, Carol Bowes. "There was a long silence. She called for a vote, and carried the day. Tony has been Scoutmaster ever since."

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