Mormon Tabernacle Choir honors Miller at Jazz opener

No, Greg Miller is not ready for his press interview.

The Utah Jazz's chief executive officer is busy shooting the breeze with a season ticket-holder, mussing the hair of a little boy in a Utah Jazz jersey and passing out fan hats to teenagers with blue hair and painted faces.

"I'm having so much fun," he said, shaking one, two, three more hands before regretfully setting down his stack of hats and preparing to chat with the Deseret News. "I love these people."

Miller and his mother, Gail, who owns the Utah Jazz, personally welcomed fans to the Energy Solutions Arena Friday, to kick off the first home game of the season.

It's what, Greg Miller said, his father would have wanted.

Before Larry H. Miller died on Feb. 20 from complications of diabetes, he was known for getting "right there in the middle of everyone, shaking hands and smiling," Greg Miller said.

"He was big on humility," he said. "He always used to tell us, 'I don't mind getting big, but I don't want to act big.'"

Greg Miller got a little red-eyed Friday, as he talked about kicking off the season without his father.

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