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by | Oct. 21, 2010

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Ever since I joined Segullah three years ago (three whole years? seriously?) I’ve been wanting to form a book club with the articulate, intelligent, book-loving women who frequent this blog. Myself, I’m a book club person. Especially when my kids were small, I looked forward to my monthly book club outing with a little thrill in my heart. I also loved that being a part of a book club gave me an excuse to sit in my comfy chair and read for three hours straight. (“Don’t bug me kids—I’ve gotta finish this book by tomorrow!”)

Sadly, though, I’ve recently fallen off the book club wagon. My neighborhood book club was held on a night that was tough for me, and life with teenagers in the house has made evenings out even harder to pull off than when I had toddlers tugging on my jeans. I recently up and moved, too, and find myself without a group to even try and visit. So my dearth of book club options combined with my burning desire to talk to SOMEBODY about the final installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, prompted me to get the ball rolling here at Segullah. It’s time, my friends! Let the awesome online book-clubbing begin.

After discussing things with my compatriots here at Segullah, here’s how we’ve decided to run things:

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