Mormon builders have challenge of two 'extreme makeovers'

by | Feb. 03, 2010

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Sean Murphy, president of G&M Contracting in Arlington, Va., had a challenge.

His company, which had been asked to rebuild a house in Hyattsville, Md., for ABC Television's "Extreme Makeover -- Home Edition" last August, was facing a time crunch.

Construction was to start in four weeks, and Murphy was calling other companies and contractors to donate their time and materials.

"In this economic environment, it was really hard to get people to donate time and services because everybody's hurting," said Murphy, a Mormon who attends the Wakefield Ward in the Annandale Virginia Stake.

"We had four weeks to plan for this prior to the build, and trying to get all these people together was really tough. It was day in and day out on the phone. Lots of days, everybody said no to us, so that was hard to get up the next morning and start calling people again."

In the end, everything worked out and the work all got done.

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