Mormon chat on getting frequently trolled

As they often do, a call went up once again today on the infamous 4chan to "troll" Mormon chat. Famous for being the origin of almost every internet prank -- they invented Rick-rolling, for example -- the anonymous folks over at 4chan's /b/ board (who call themselves /b/tards) have taken to essentially prank-calling the Mormon.org's chat feature, where you can instant message with a real-live Mormon missionary. Just out of curiosity, we popped over ourselves to chat with such a missionary and find out how the church feels about being repeatedly asked if its refrigerator is running.

But first, here's a little excerpt from a chat between a Mormon and an actual /b/tard:

Welcome to Mormon.org chat.
A representative will be with you shortly.
Agent [Roger] is ready to assist you.
Roger: Hi
Me: i heard all mormons have to wear top hats is that true?
The chat session has ended.
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