Mormon church among protesters of Las Vegas water plan

by | Jun. 08, 2010

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Opponents of a controversial pipeline that would tap water from a shared Nevada/Utah aquifer and convey it to Las Vegas say more than 2,300 protests have been filed against the plan, including objections mounted by the Mormon church.

An analysis released Tuesday by the Great Basin Water Network shows the protests against the well applications sought by the Southern Nevada Water Authority represent 150 individuals and families, 16 ranches and seven tribes in areas that could be impacted by the pipeline.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filed protests on four water right applications sought by the water authority that it contends may impact the Cleveland and Roger ranches it operates in north Spring Valley, just over the border from Utah.

In protests filed April 22 before the close of the comment period, the church said its substantial subsurface water rights are critical to the operation of its livestock program because of irrigation needs. Vested water rights it holds on 12 springs are close to Cleve Creek and the Cleveland Ranch.

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