Mormon culture shifting as church expands

When I first came across The Atlantic's cover story and conceived of the idea for my column last week, I was excited. A societal trend leading the world into darkness, some Latter-day Saints following close behind, the opportunity to sound a warning call and decry the ills of our culture: this stuff is my bread and butter!

But then I realized, wait, this stuff really is my bread and butter.

And then I got worried.

Indeed, regular readers of my Mormon Twentysomething column may notice that I have something of a penchant for shining a spotlight on the varied problems with LDS culture. And as far as themes go, I think that one is actually pretty appropriate -- especially considering the outlet.

Like it or not, it really is quite "Mormon Twentysomething" of me to bash on cultural Mormonism and the special LDS brand of self-righteousness. The fashionable cynicism of youth is alive and well, even among the Latter-day Saint rank and file.

But some readers may be surprised that I am not really like this in person. Oh sure, I can laugh at zoobie customs just like everyone else, but that won't stop me from singing the fight song or going on duck pond scavenger hunts (if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it).

Similarly, although I often use the space in my column to criticize the less productive parts of our culture, I try not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

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